1. Dalte89

    Just Applied As Particle Effects Artist

    Ay ppl my name is Dalte89 and i Just Applied As Particle Effects Artist for ESF 1.3, hope i get it. Really love this mod, and one thing its missin is the effectsss, we need eye candyyyy!!! That is wat i definitely can deliver for you guys if i really get this. I dont know if any of you here...
  2. Damaera

    Android 17, Particle System Experiment, New Sprite Format

    Android 17, Particle System Experiment, New Sprite Format <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">POTW</span></strong> <a href="" target="_blank" title="POTW/Particle System - Mod DB"><img...
  3. ZeroNightmare

    New Particle Graphics System?

    I'm a little shady on this. I know they are remaking the whole graphics system, but what exactly are they doing. Are we going to be able to customize all the graphics to our utmost desire :_ If so, i think it would be cool to be able to save your settings into a configuration file, so...
  4. M

    like A few Particle System suggestions but just rock splashing - indo inside!

    idea given from "A few Particle System suggestions" OMGATION LOLAZATIONALITYTION! if at a certain angle you throw\meelee\being pushed by an explotion \being moved by any reason - really fast(PUSHED...) and at an angle lower then 45 DEG then you should do a funny thing like water jumping...
  5. KilledWithStyle

    A few Particle System suggestions.

    First of all i got thses ideas from watching DBZ music videos, so it might seem random. (all videos came from the show) Ok. When your meleeing people (in a map with lots of water), you tend to splash into/out of water a lot. Wouldnt it be fun for the particle system to make a splash when...
  6. Death The Jedi


    Just a little brushing practice, ignore the typography and the render, and the BG, just look at the beam.
  7. R

    Particle system?

    Isnt there ment to be a particle system, like when u fly over dirt some of the dirt flies up or something? Could someone tell me how to turn it on! Sorry if this question has been answerd many times.....
  8. P

    Pcjoes Min Mod - Particle System

    URL - Size - 735 KB By - Joseph 'Pcjoe' Florencio Time to make this readme - 2 minutes My first particle system:) Features a lot of stuff, lemme start with telling you the buttons L - ThirdPerson K - FirstPerson M - impulse 101, sv_cheats 1 is...
  9. B

    Who is the Particle Coder?

    As BlazeR has left ESF are you going to advertise for a new particle coder, because the particle system had ALOT of potential to add loads of eye candy in! BrunO