1. R

    vegeta head!

    vegeta head,just finished it gimmwe some feedback
  2. G

    the improved model

    heres my model and I really REALLY! want to know something. well first give me some feedback, second when i make a model should i make like vegeta's suit jut out or trunks jacket or should i just do that with the skin? I would really really! like to know please tell me.
  3. fatmanterror

    USSJ Trunks 3.0...kinda

    hey everybody, i fixed ussj trunks up a bit, i think it looks alot better, look at the top of the page all the way down to see how its progressed. well, everybody let me know where to go from here. (in case u cant see that well i made the little part in the middle of his hair like on the...
  4. Hibiki

    and god said...

    LET THERE BE ART! ^note^ this is an imcompleat ssj6 gohan pic.. i didnt make these but a friend of mine did...
  5. Son Goten


    how do you make sigs?? i have paint shop pro 7, i could get photoshop, but i find that very complicated and hard to use. how do you get the pics so smooth along the endes when you cut them out from the original background?? mine always look jagged. how do you do it?? :cry:
  6. S

    Who want this sig

    Who want this sig And a lil poll , do u like the sig?
  7. D

    Skinning to the fullest!

    Hey if any one (hopefully) in Esf or anyother part would like me to do some skinning jobs on models i offer my help. I cant model but if you were to make a model and show the designated places were a skins art should go i can do it. Let me know just offerin'
  8. D

    New Skin! Perfect Cell!

    Here i made a Perfect Cell! Looks pretty good, came out better then i thought. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Hibiki

    What Trunks?

    what trunks should esf have? future is soo much better cause he has the bad ass sword and looks hella cooler than the gay bojack trunks
  10. Guerilla

    ****Download my all new Evil team skins!****

    Get my new skins at: ill make a poll, tell me how good it is by voting!