1. Yazuken

    Know of any Texture/Wad editors?

    Does anyone know of Half-life texture/Wad editors besides "Wally"
  2. esfn00b

    Moving pics

    How do i make a moving picture? Like some people have as avatars or in their sigs. I know that you have to use a .gif file or something, but how can i make one? e.g:
  3. Wangster

    paintshop pro 8.0

    well, i "Got" paintshop 8.0 , i installed it, i get this error, pak 1 isnt the same as in ...(gives a dir), and it does works on my brothers comp..... can someone help me?
  4. R


    I have 1 quetion. Can i skin models with Milkshake 3d?
  5. GotenksOwnz

    Wat do i need to....

    Yo guys i would like to know wat program i use to make sigs and pics of my own. Thanx for any help
  6. J

    Cant find a modeleditor ! plz help !

    I cant find a modeleditor i cant find it wher ever i look after i :cry: PLZ HELP ME !! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  7. I

    what a good skining prgram

    ok my paintshop pro epired i need a good skinning program to skin my ssj4 vegeta anyone now??
  8. OneWingedAngel

    Making Models

    Ok everyone i want to know what i need to make a model? (notthing i have to buy stuff i can download) i want to know everything that is required for me to make a model. I would love to know how. please someone help! thanx bye