1. [SAS]Orion

    Orion's new car!

    Got a new car this mornin, a chrysler neon LE 2 litre beaut. Only got it because my old car got smashed up, some twit hit it while it was parked D: http://img73.imageshack.us/img73/2144/car0nr.jpg http://img136.imageshack.us/img136/9526/car29uj.jpg...
  2. [SAS]Orion

    zomg! Orion has a new sig and avatar!

    Time for a change methinks :) I'd appreciate honest critisims and praise, if any exist (especially the praise part =P)
  3. [SAS]Orion

    Orion made a sig? omg doomsday!

    I havn't touched photoshop for months and months, but today I thought i'd try and make a sig! I'd appreciate any thoughts on how to make it better - i've been fiddling with it over IRC but I know some of you probably see things that I don't. Crit away!
  4. grOOvy

    Happy Birthday Ryoko and Orion

    Time to parteh! ^_^ Go and have a blast, Wyoko and Owion! *cough* pub crawl *cough*
  5. [SAS]Orion

    Beginner at work!

    yes I bought myself a camera! I know I don't know much about taking photographs, in fact I know nothing apart from point and shoot, making my photographs lack composition and clarity o_O Anyway, i'd like to show this shot of some greenery near my house (there's not much to shoot in my town...
  6. A

    Wind Waker Wallpaper (WP Edit)

    I edited it to show him how to improove it and I just wanted everyone to see for comments, Not my best work but I think it turned out nice. 100% credit goes to [SAS]Orion. Enjoy o_O
  7. [SAS]Orion

    Orion made a wp? no way!

    I did indeedy, its been soooooo long since I even tried to make one o.O I went with a basic style again, but i'm pleased with the results. Filesize approx 190kb. What do you people think? What should I change?
  8. T

    Master of orion 3 went Gold!!

    Anyone else here a diehard moo3 fan?! :cry: :cry: i have no money.....:cry: :cry:
  9. Ryoko

    Happy birthday Ryoko and Orion!

    Sad I have to create my own thread for this =[ Happy Birthday me!
  10. [SAS]Orion

    Orion's sig thread!

    Thought I may as well make one too, sorry for stealing ryoko's idea ^^ To kick off here's a sig I made for someone. I'll be making a few more soon so I will update later.
  11. [SAS]Orion

    Orion's Madness thread!

    YAY I MADE FUNNY [ 21:52:21 ] _[ @[SAS]Orion ] is prancing to < Ayumi Hamasaki - And Then > < 4m13s/128kbps > [ 21:52:27 ] _[ @pimpin_bart_d ] tho i have semi-exams so ill have like 1 or 2 hours of school each day [ 21:52:29 ] _[ @[SAS]Orion ] if this song doesnt pwn you i'll eat myself [...
  12. D

    How do u make the tips glow on a pic?

    how did USSJ_Vegeta do this? plz tell me. it would help me a lot!
  13. S

    Free Backgrounds

    I whiped up some stuff for those of you who need help with making backgrounds. Personally I think these suck so I hope they help even though they may not. Without Further ado here they are :)
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