1. Mr. Satans

    Ohhh, Street Racing :/

    [BACKGROUND] Ever since I was little I loved watching racing on TV and after I got my drivers license (3 or so years ago) I have had a mad passion for driving fast. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- So here I am, 19 (almost 20) years old, no job (aka no...
  2. S


    but i know that but can you just give me the link to download what i have to download and say to me what command or what do i have to modifi to work !!!pls..
  3. Rayos

    OHHH my tra la la

    lol guys have to see this http://www.gunthernet.com/ great great music hahaha my ding ding dong
  4. M


    ohh can someone make me a sig, im to lazy, and want it to be cool i would like sig big as it can go, with kid buu on it, like a cool desgin in it. thx
  5. S

    pleaz help me

    I want to learn skinning and modelling. What softwares do I use ? And how can I make clothes ?? Sorry for my bad english
  6. DaKD

    My Android 17

    heres my android 17 preview her ya go http://geocities.com/javkrd20/android17preview.jpg
  7. OFFSPRiNGCo16

    Yusuke Model

    Another DMT2003 Model made by MaggeM...1 error is one it but no one will notice it...he put the lil hair spikes on the wrong side but w/e here you go