1. Jugo

    NTP mod

    Hey, anyone know what has hapened to that mod ? go to they're website, am i the only one whos seeing this ?
  2. M

    NTP Mod

    Does anyone know what they're thinking? for those who doesn't know NTP is the Naruto mod being made... is the big surprise that they changed name or what? and wheres their site now? its wird.. i was expecting an early Beta :D (welll u can always dream :P) so.. anyone who know more than I?
  3. GhostfaceKillah

    NTP forum banner

    or atleast i think it is for the forums o_o (they were having a contest, so i decided to enter) i kept is simple, cause u dont want a gaudy, flashy banner distracting you from the meat of teh page
  4. E

    Naruto mod NTP

    big ol advertizement
  5. Enix

    [NTP] Shikamaru WIP

    Just started this yesterday and its almost done, just gotta do the skin and put some shoes on him^^. The basic skin layout is pretty much done. He has hair, the hair band, and two ROUND earrings. Poly count is at like 1800 or something. Here are some pics:
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