1. Viper

    Too many normals...

    Noob question, but how do i fix this compiling error in MS3D? The model i'm using has about 300 polys so it's not about that...
  2. TigerGEO

    Too many normals problem

    Guys I need some help. When I try to compile my model edit it says error too many normals. Any ideas? Couse a friend asked me to make him a vegetto. Normal, SSJ, SSJ2, and a Majin xD. It's finished but I can't compile it --___--. PLZ Help. I used David's Goku and I changed a bit the textures...
  3. B

    Too many normals HELP!!!!

    I working on a Gret trunks model but always when i will compile it its scream TOO MANY NORMALS!! is there a way to compile it??
  4. Logan4434


    ok,im doing a model for some mod(havent decided yet between TFC or HLDM)but when i try to compile it says"to many normals"WTF is that crap.never gotten it before.