1. ace005

    Valve hammer editor Noobish

    I just installed valve hammer editor, i configured it after djready's tutorial, although i couldn't find "hlbsp.exe" , "hlvis.exe","hlrad.exe" and in the new object window, the scroll down menus are..empty... help pls
  2. Z

    Noobish Question

    I need a bit help here. How do I put a new modle in ESF? I can't find the file.
  3. M

    A noobish question...

    This is probably a stupid question, so feel free to flame me... Is there a command for server admins to raise power levels and/or health?
  4. I

    VERY noobish question

    whenever I go into a melee fight (prepunching and advanced) at the end of it my opponent always knocks me back even when I'm the one who started it, and I cant find out how to knock the opponent back, it doesnt mention anything in the manual about what to do, either that or i missed it. PLZ HELP!
  5. ReCkOninG of FirE

    Noobish modeling

    Ok i'm going to model a character (probably gohan because he looks easy to do) and i need some good references, can anyone help me out? And should i use the original skeleton for the model because im no good @ animations
  6. N

    noobish steam help

    i got the new version and had the same problem as others (needed steam..) i got steam but it would work because my brother has an account using our cd-key he gave me that account because he doesnt play anymore but now comes the problem he has some games i dont have installed and he doesnt have...
  7. U

    Could of very noobish questions

    I had to post these questions here because the are probably so obvious that it makes me sick to think I dont know them 1.Is there a command to raise my PL level when Im using offline mode. 2.When someone like Goku assends to Super Saiyan I notce the CF bar is still able to go up does that mean...
  8. E

    a bit noobish but....

    Hey guys, I know I may sound a bit of a noob but hey, what is this forum for? Just out of curiousity, I was wondering where the esf team creators got the characters' voice from? Evo412
  9. A

    Wow I feel noobish :/

    Sorry bout that post. I didnt think that someone had mentioned it yet, my bad. I woulda grabbed a screenie if I had known, but I can guaruntee you that is a correct wonid grab. I'm not new to half-life mods :P.
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