1. Super Veggeto

    Motherboard fan noises :'x

    My motherboard's fan has started making noises like it's working really hard, happens only when my CPU usage is really high, while playing games or encoding a video for example. I'm 90% sure it's the motherboard fan making the noises because everytime that this noise appears there's warm air...
  2. KidMan

    Grunts, Screams and Noises.

    ESF is missing something vital. SOmething that would make it more realistic and more true to the show. ESF needs grunts, screams, cries and yelling during beam stuggling, struggling with a Energy Ball, throwing a character and when two characters collide and they must hit the arrows to beat the...
  3. S

    SePhIrOtH.......... ReLeAsEd!"

    "EDIT" new link for sephy download* thx to sephiroth_renzo for hosting it :p so wot ya think of it (i had some freaking trouble with it anims and stuff (i used to do reallly bad anims and ya no they were installed to the model...
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