1. Damaera

    Holy crud! Is it actually true....

    Ok well!!!!!!!!! First map I am very bad at mapping there willbe screen shot's I guess lol I'll try to get some shots by getting a host *Edit* Ok I screwed up on the other post but it will not have a sky... Because it will be like an inside dungeon map.It will also have a Lake a desert, and...
  2. Suh Dude

    redsaiyan gohan

  3. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Sexeh animation XD nuff said, done by me ^_^
  4. Wangster

    2 colord pics, 1 mine.

    well, the pic wich says whats happening, a friend made that one, the pic is made up and freehand. check it out: and this one, i made, i did a free hand donald duck :fight: and colord it in photoshop, without shading, cuz in the comics, he has no shading either. what ya'll think...
  5. S

    fusion gogeta! in need of animtors

    me and sexy r making animations for a goku and a vegeta. i made the skel for vegeta. when they trans theyll turn into gogeta we really need animators so we can get this done fast. heres a pic of what im talkin about
  6. C

    I have a nice idea.

    I just thought of this... You know how the esf forum works right? Like you tlak and post about bugs you find or suggestions for the game. But i was thinking, why not have a place where insted of complaning or just acting....dumb.. We had a place where we can encourage and praise works...
  7. Z

    MSN 6.0 Back Grounds

    this is the first of a series of 10 MSN bgs (hopefully) hope you enjoy. just save the picture, and stick it on ur MSN 6.0 bg thingy... yeah w/e
  8. Sicron

    The Matrix......kinda

    i like him very much i made it with photo shop and a tutorial :) im gonna use it as my avatar cuz its so cool :P hehe my second thing i made what do u think of it?? *EDIT* hmm i cant use it as my avatat :( ah wel
  9. Suh Dude

    Light Blade

    Watcha Think?
  10. T

    [Wow!!] Super Sayin 3 [/Wow!!]

    Well, i was playing some nice ESF on a german server, and all at the sudden, the whole map was filled with blue stuff.. and i saw a goku becoming ssj3, i took some screen shots from it! He told me he was some kind of tester, realy fun he said, and he also said that ssj owns! well, make me a...
  11. The Noodler

    ff8 pic i drew

    i drew a pic of selphie play a guitar ( bad spelling O_O ) anyways i hope its good, i got the ref pic from a ff8 manga i have. Critz plz :)
  12. Suh Dude


    i was bord so i made this