1. S

    Natural Selection News

    Yes!!! Natural Selection will be released this week. Natural selection is mod where u can choose marines or aliens to fight eachother. there are many innovative features in there, just like the commander mode. more infos on
  2. owa

    Final Fantasy Banner

    Well I was bored and a site that I do the News Letter and Super Mod the forums asked for a site banner (I won't give the URL away cause itm ayb e a form of advertising so if ya wnat it pm me) Anyways here it is:
  3. S

    News of Red Saiyan Mod Resources.

    okay, there are two domain name that we could have. and vote the one that YOU think would be best to remember and all. thanks.
  4. thor

    To Spin Site Layout

    Spin been trying to get you on icq about you making a layout whick we talked about a while ago you said tosort out what i want on the site so you no what to do for navgation bar i sapose i set up my anglefire one witch is all the pages i want. im getting 100mb webspace Unlimited bandwidth no...
  5. NightShade


    heh any new news on the way? i look at dev section ya. but thought there would be some new news by now bleh. i guess that is a good sign that you guys are hard at work
  6. I

    New site....plz comment on something....

    Ok its only the homepage so far and that is far from complete,but what i wanted a comment on was my graphic thingy to get around the site,as long as it does not suck I am happy.I am a bit of a newb at all this photoshop stuff so please dont flame me much :) cheers InQuisitor lol it might...
  7. MrMasj


    Hi every one the lastest news from me and the Esf_tournament Date 10 / April 2002 <--[News]--> <--[Some error textures is fixed]--> <--[fixed then the old wad file will not work any longer]--> <--[Two new textures is added]--> <--[The sky is in the first alpha stade and it looks better...
  8. thor

    good map

    its good but needs to be lighter and put more detail in it and it will be great also make the stadium seats higher
  9. S

    news system needed!

    ya i need a news system.. a php news system, that can i can add an avatar wit it, like a lil logo. i already tryed simplnews fusion 3.3 Publisherpro News manager Nphp Newspro Curanto oxyness. please reply..
  10. V

    Hey look who's back

    Hey guys, just wanted to sort some things out here. a) I'm not dead b) I did not quit My motherboard died on me, and it ripped out a vital windows file when it went out. I was unable to repair the file die to a severely damaged boot sector on my HD. I had to reformat my C: partition...
  11. SSj Gotenks


    I heard bout a month ago that they were going to create a DBZ game for one of the new consoles for gamin ( exp, Gamecuve ,xbox, PS2
  12. H

    new maps where ?

    hi all does anyone know a web site that has lots of new maps ?
  13. DJ-Ready

    The esf_s2k_djready_bodukai_beta is online!

    Today I´ve uploadet the beta of my first map... Som bugs are fixed, it´s faster and it´s higher! And no extra wad files sre needed!!! It´s really awesome! (somy guys said that they can´t understand the site, so i wirite the news in german and in english *g* and an english version...
  14. S

    any 1 no where to get maps from

    any 1 no where to get maps from cause i dont please tell me:cry:
  15. Mirai USSJ

    Counterstrike 2 (Condition Zero) News

    Post All You Know About CS:CZ Here.I bet half Of You Didnt Know About CZ Did You lol.Anyway if Someones Already mentioned The CZ news U Wanna Post Dont Bother Posting It Cus Its A Waste Of TIme. 2 Of The Weapons i Know Are The FAMAS (french rifle) MOLOTV COCKTAIL (petrol bomb)
  16. DiebytheSword

    News from Antoine3323's Site

    Tomorrow, I start school again, so I will go back to being grounded on weekdays. I will not be able to contact you guys as often or work on the script as often. Only on weekends. Although, there are sometimes where my parents are at work, and I sneak on. Hehe!! Anyways, just wanted to tell ya...
  17. D

    Help With maps

    Cam some bloak tell me were I can get Swisscheese's cellgames map and where I can find a site wit tutorials for map & model making for ESF???????? much obliged.:devil: :devgrin: :devil: :devgrin: :devsmile: :devsmile: :devsmile:
  18. T

    News Post

    Where can i get a news post the for a website. So where a member can log in to post news?
  19. T

    Gohan model

    Is it true that there is a Gohan model? Where do I find it?