1. Damaera


  2. Damaera

    Happy birthday, Ness!

    Happy birthday, guy. <3
  3. Kurt`

    Today am Ness' birthday?

    o_O Happy b-day o/
  4. Spectre

    Memory dump ***ness

    Why is my game memory dumping now, ever since it was supposibly FIXED!!!! thats when my problems started, before I had no problems now it crashes every other ****ing game ;(
  5. Big Kyle

    LiteNET Match #2: SaKuMa Vs. Ness.

    Here is the second match of the tournament SaKuMa Vs. Ness. Remember the rules posted here Go.
  6. ultrassj_vegeta

    new 3d abstract

    c and c if poss.. thnx :) laterz -jez edit:.. and before other people start commenting on the text... its a logo i put there :D... its like my tag or something... yeah i think thats the right word?... thnx
  7. 8

    Major ***ness

    Ok, first thing u gonna say is i suck, if thats what you are thinking, **** OFF. Now look at this problem, i charge, he charges,i have him in target, and a doing melee, but most of the time, it does not attack, and yes it is the proper button, but it just does nothing, both of us are doing the...
  8. M

    making tien model: need skinner

    Hey ive made a tien model and i need a skinner. If anyone is interested in skinning this mode reply... thank you and ill really appreciate it :laff:
  9. J

    planet texture?

    I am making a new map called esf_botp (battle of the planet) And i want to know if there is a texture that would look realistic for a planet also if there is a moon texture that would also be awesome. :) :p
  10. G

    @[email protected] ^^

    Hmm i've finished my new model, it's cell form one and it's still in work but pleaz gimme some critz to improve this thing ;) here you go
  11. suicidal_maniac


    A new WP I made. Critz and the such would be appreciated.
  12. ]\/[ITCHELL


    when i want to skin something into totally diffrent colors, the colors sometimes look like sh*t so i just try to copy and paste it, but then the colors of a skin are totaly messed up:cry: my question is: how can i reskin something using my own colors????????
  13. shinigami

    My attempt at a Pro :/

    Didnt get it done the way I wanted but oh well. Didnt come out horrible though. I need to re work it.
  14. TimTheEnchantor

    Time Is Eternal

    Maximum dimension are 1024x768...hopefully you can see my alias in side it.. Time is Eternal
  15. ultrassj_vegeta

    new wp without crap

    kk.. i took out the pics now... just a simple wallpaper.. tell me wat u ppls think....
  16. P

    Vash And Wolfwood

    Vash And Woldwood This was made just cos i wanted to try out a new efx (the background, and the text colors), what do you think? Plz comment on Dev too if you can!!! plz plz plz I know its not great, but tell me what i can do to make it better and i will :P edit: what do u think...
  17. F

    Vegeta 1st model ever...

    Look. i r teh make 1st ever model. (its a bit poo but its my 1st try, and I gave up after a bit cus I cant save them anyway cus my milkshapes expired.) and the ref pic and skin
  18. Ryoko

    CnC on this Ryoko Wallpaper

    My oh my, these seem to be all the rage nowadays. Good job my forum nick represents my favourite anime character ^^ Can I have Comments and Critism's please. Bear in mind it isn't finished yet.
  19. R

    In need of 3DS Max help

    Okay, I put this in another post of mine, but I figure it would hardly be viewed... but I made a body in one "map" in 3DS Max, and a Head in a new "map"/file. They are bothed saved as .max I want to get the head map/file to go into the body map/file. If one were saved .3DS then I would know...