1. M

    Star Field + Nebulae - Part 2

    This isn't the full image since the full image came out to be around one megabyte. So, what you're seeing is only a portion of the image: My last attempt of a nebulae wasn't well received, so I decided to go back to the drawing board. I still used a cloud and difference cloud filter since...
  2. M

    Star Field + Nebulae

    This was originally supposed to be the backdrop for another planet I created, but I couldn't get the planet to flow. Don't mind the "Stealing is bad!" text, it was just added so that no one steals it.
  3. ultrassj_vegeta

    space things...

    just sum stuff i've been trying.. i don't really like the colours or anything for the nebula thing.. or the shapes.. it dusn really look rite.. but i was just tryin the effects.. so yah.. crits..
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