1. Nuttzy

    Cheap Valentines Ideas

    ok guys, I know im like the 2nd oldest guy here but Im in a pickle. I am unemployed, I have little to no money, and I really really want to try and break my record for how many times I got laid in one night (currently 4, for those wondering, she lives with her mother and has kids so I still...
  2. S

    He's not the Messiah, He's a very naughty boy!

    Well last night they repeated a Derren Brown show on TV again, and I thought it'd be a pretty good subject for debate. Derren Brown is a performer, and he uses mind tricks, and powerful suggestion. He doesn't claim to have any powers he always says that its a trick, but he's outstandingly good...
  3. Sandstorm

    Naughty beaver shots!

    But not the kind you think!
  4. J

    New signature (contains naughty words, no under 16's :O)

    i wont be using this here, but i wanted crits on it for now...and theres some great artists here. *image removed* Noes, to teh cursing -Hwoarang
  5. [SAS]Orion

    My newest drawing

    Yes it also has a lot of errors on it, because i'm not good at art. At least I tried :tired: