1. R

    And so....I did something noone expected....

    Lets see....first I made homepages....then I did some PHP and forum management....then I went over to sprite-making,then mapping....then I tried a bit of coding....but this is what I do when Im bored The NS poster Flay doesn''t know,and its only my poster,no public release because....well...
  2. M

    making tien model: need skinner

    Hey ive made a tien model and i need a skinner. If anyone is interested in skinning this mode reply... thank you and ill really appreciate it :laff:
  3. A

    Character Selection Screen

    Is it possible to change the names at the character selection screen?:laff:
  4. S

    [Input needed] SSJ Cow

    I'm almost done modeling my cow, so: What should be cahnged when SSJ? Model changes or just texture changes? Or: Add SSJ hair from Vegeta? If you have suggestions please tell me.
  5. S

    how to open models in milkshape3d?

    how do u open downloaded models into milkshape?
  6. A

    TM Northway Map Help

    Im having trouble with this map when i create a game and then click on the map it loads and then says i cant detect the pine1.mdl file so i put it in the folder and it say the same thing could someone plz tell me what might be wrong.....:S
  7. Warrior_Elite45

    How do you make clip boxes?

    I was wonderin' how would I make a clip box around an object such as a tree?
  8. F

    i have an idea on a map that would be good to be made...

    a good map ya should do is a map where goku and vegeta was fightin to get to the place where they were holdin majin buu before he was freed where they fught that monster that eats light and goku killed him by turning ssj2 and the aura gave so much light the monster exploded anyone that doesn`t...
  9. Death The Jedi

    Found vertex with invalid bone assignment....

    whenever I try to export my model, it says "Found vertex with invalid bone assignment". All the vertexes are assigned to bones.. so can anyone help me out here?
  10. Vegeta's Briefs

    Female fighters

    Is there going to be any female fights like #18, Pan, or Bra?
  11. K


    How do i switch models i go into my esf folder then model then player then i took ou ssj goku mdl the put in ssj3 goku mdl but when i transformed i went to normal sayin not ssj or ssj3 PLEASE HELP
  12. SSJ n00b

    model skin

    how to make models and skins;D
  13. S

    **VGUI Rel**

    My vgui pack is done. They are all excelent pics ( I used all cels). I also threw in some vgui's of Vegito for those who have him (everyone should give fatmanterror's vegito a try, he pwns). Those are named 640_vegetagood/evil1 (just delete the 1 at the end to make them work) Enjoy mates...
  14. S

    everyone should try this :yes:

    I came up with an idea last week , lets use cs/hl maps in esf then i tried cs_rats2 because it has great open space ! the only thing you have to do is place the needed .wad files in your ESF folder ! these maps r great fun because they have open space rats (any version)...
  15. V

    Polycount pull - UT2k3 texture

    Heya freaks, thought I'd show you this w.i.p as well. Someone named Neolith over at the polycount forums made the model and posted the SDK in the thread. This is what I've gotten done so far:
  16. S

    Model help

    How do you put models in the game like the one you can download.
  17. S

    where to get a MODEL!!!!!

    hi all i want to work on a model. but where i can get a model to work on it? i searchedo_o in every corner. and now im tired:tired: of all the searching so i thought ill Thread too ask other ppl and now i will w8 for awnser.
  18. S

    My Own Portfolio Site!

    hey guys, i noticed that most skinners, modellers, coders, and great 2d artists have their own portfolio sites... some are pcjoe, xstortionist, jboskma, and tons others... anyway i started working on one of my own and i drew it out in paint with the pencil thingy(not really) ... i actually drew...
  19. B

    i´m finishing goku, goku ssj1, goahn with orange equipament

    i´m finishing goku, goku ssj1, goahn with orange equipament