1. Deman

    Coffin Nails

    Smoking yellows your teeth, tars up your lungs and can give you head/neck and lung cancer. We're now finding links between the certain strains of HPV(which if I recall correctly, nearly a quarter of women ages 15 to 60 are estimated to have HPV) and smoking boosts your chances for head and neck...
  2. Phobius

    Nine Inch Nails Concert

    Yupp I'm a lucky bastard who got to see the Nine Inch Nails at the Toronto Molson Amphitheatre with my girl! :D Trent Ressner played ****en awesome he sounded crisp and clean and reproduced some of his original songs perfectly. The visuals were just amazing the light show was great but what...
  3. B0Bmaster40000

    decomposing demon

    ive just been playing around with psp, trying to go for a dark/evil theme. This is what i made so far. - Demon model made in 3dsmax with use of creature creating software - Everything else (texturing, colouring etc...)done in psp by me tell me what you think, what i could improve, and any...
  4. E

    Nine Inch Nails Sig

    waddaya think, and btw the face is suppose to look a little low quality ;) Sig: *EDIT* ugh 20 views and no responses...cmon i need some crits...*EDIT*