1. SailorAlea

    Samurai Legend: Musashi

    Hey. Has anyone played Samurai Legend: Musashi yet? I saw it in an ebgames, and thought "Wow! A sequel to Brave Fencer Musashi!" and it was only 29.99$, so I bought it. I absolutely loved the original, but to my dissapointment, Samurai Legend isn't really a 'sequel,' it's just.. another story...
  2. The_Forgotten

    Did anyone ever beat BFM?(Brave Fencer Musashi)

    Has anyone out there beat the game?What happens?Does Musashi ever become that so called "Legendary Warrior"?
  3. O

    musashi CG

    well, I finally got around to starting the CG of that brave fencer musashi sketch that I believe was done by eclipse (I cant remember now, sorry) this is just the prelim inking and colors, maybe you guys could give me some ideas for different colors that might look better eventually I...
  4. G

    Wallpaper request

    This is a new request, unlike a model, skin, map, or sig. Im requesting a wallpaper. Now, would some one out of the goodness of their heart please make a Brave Fencer Musashi wallpaper? Without the backround being white or black? And without having pictures of the game in the wallpaper.
  5. N

    Musashi Sword Skin W.I.P.

    after being pushed around by parents for about 10 hours i finally got some time to skin musashi's sword: by the way our site is: Elemental Fusion
  6. R

    samurai brave model there is my samuray brave model..what ya think tell me and comment it so i can make it better
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