1. Growler

    Trunks Art (multimedia)

    Trunks Art (mixed media) I was just sketching in class today, and I thought this one was commin out good, so I outlined it and shaded it. I used no references
  2. S

    Need to know a good pic site

    I need to know a really good dbz picture archive. any one know? i wanna start making some more pictures PLEASE HELP
  3. -Dark Shadow-

    Where do you get your pictures from which is on your sig?

    Where does everyone get there pictures from to put on their sig like a web like a ssj goku where do they get that?
  4. V

    DBZ Pics (I forgot the site)

    Hi guys, Sorry to disturb you but I used to had a site with very very very mucht DBZ pics. It was an ugly site with a few hyperlinks to the character names, and when u clicked on it there came very mucht pictures. I don't know the url anymore, but I would really appreciate it if someone...