1. M

    mp3player and mp_multipleps

    Hey all.. i was wondering something.. Why is the mp3player and mp_multipleps turned off by default? i mean.. the multipleps is a verry nice function but it`s useless if it`s turned off.. The most esf servers witch are online at this moment have multipleps off simple because it`s turned...
  2. T

    ESF B1.2 MP3-Player bug

    Music and Mp3 Player as well as Playlist Editor didn't work. Here is what i've done. 1) I downloaded ESF B1.2 Full installer. 2) I installed Half-Life. 3) I updated Half-Life to 4) I installed ESF B1.2 (Full, with MP3s, japanese voices) 5) I played esf (but there was no music...
  3. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Pride's Config.cfg Fix: Adv. Menu Bugs (missing fx, mp3player, 24bit textures, etc.)

    Alright, it appears that it's not very widely known, but apparently Masta and the gang neglected the capability of making 1.2 able to write Cvar edits to it's config from in game. As a result, your config.cfg file removes all foreign lines every time you play or set any settings using the ingame...
  4. I

    MP3player / Steam --> HELP!

    Guys i need help!!! I set ESF 1.1 beta to my Steam and with something i don't remeber its name i made it to work with steam fine but i have a bug.. when i start the game i don't hear the mp3.. i pressed F8 pressed "Play" but still it doesn't play the mp3s... It works fine without Steam...
  5. I

    update the mp3player

    how can i update the mp3player in the alpha 2.0 code?? i´ve copied the new files into the folder and i rebuild it all new. and than i became this error if (m_eStatus==MP3_PAUSE) { if (stream) { FSOUND_STREAM_SetPaused(stream , false); } m_eStatus = MP3_PLAY; return; }...