1. Viper

    Gotta love Morrowind

    Cookies for whoever recognizes the building.
  2. I

    Morrowind mod splash (copy&paste if you cant see it) I've been working on a plugin for morrowind and made this out for fun. It's nothing fancy, just something to remind me to work on my mod. The plugin adds asians to the game. I'm just using stuff...
  3. -Dark Shadow-

    Boat mod for Morrowind (original)

    Uhh i heard once that there is a boat mod that you can control the boat??? but i have searched everywhere can someone tell me if its a lie or a link to it is? make sure its not for bloodmoon or tribunal! well maybe bloodmoon cos i am basically getting it tomorrow or the next day :P And is...
  4. N

    Morrowind: Bloodmoon

    Hey im getting a new comp in July for my B-DAY It will be really good and i have morrowind and tribunal I want to know if n e 1 has bloodmoon and likes it?
  5. Z


    Does anyone here know how to trap a soul? and use it to enchant an item? & what skill you need for it?
  6. Rebirah


    I got my asus geforce 4 ti 4200 128mb 8x and it came with morrowind and its AWESOME! my char is still level one but who cares!!! Anyone else play it?
  7. Ryoko

    Morrowind and it's expansion

    I am wondering of these games are any good, and I would like your opinions on them. I saw them both bundled for £30 ($46.7459 or €46.86). Are these two actually any good? What can you do in this game and is it fun? Would you recommend them to me? I would appreciate your opinions on...
  8. F

    Morrowind Characters

    as i know, some of you play Morrowind (at least hibiki and tepus) so i made a screenshot of my character imperial, knight, level 3, silver-longsword, complete steel-armor
  9. Loki

    Morrowind Question

    For pc i just got it can you go online with it? and btw does anyone got advice for me on this game ive got the basics im a theif woodelf so any advice would help me! *EDIT*-Ok thx
  10. P


    anyone here play this? hmm well if ya do, what race r u? i got 2 ppl, a wood elf and a nord (my wood elf is better, i was kinda just trying out the nord)