1. imkongkong

    afraid of monsters is back! director's cut get it? got it? goood! gonna check this out after it's done downloading ^^
  2. Mccdbz5

    The Gargantuan Classic Monsters are finally back!

    Well, most of you probably don't know what I'm talking about, but if you've ever played or heard of a franchise called "Rampage", then you will most likely want to hear it is coming back in a new game, along with a sweet deal. First off, the game is called "Rampage: Total Destruction", coming...
  3. Lethal_Vegetto

    Monsters In ESF?

    Well, i used the search, so i got a reason to post. Will this thing work with ESF 1.2.1? The HPB Bot(Windows) file? And what do i need to install, im kinda confused looking through these sites...
  4. Warbandit

    fighting MONSTERS?

    Is it possible to fight monsters?? By switching the Mp_allowmonsters to 1 and goin to a level like xen or black mesa (xen is c4a2) can u fight monsters? its probally not possible but we went to c2a4 and the minute me and a player walked in we heard a monster spawn and tried to find it..... he...
  5. N


    There is an rcon command for allowing monsters into the game. /cl_allowmonsters 1 To do this, I would assume sv_cheats would have to be set to 1. How do I get the monsters in-game? Do I need an Admin Mod of some sort? Or am I missing the impulse command?
  6. D

    Need animator(s)

    I need a/some animator/s to animate some player models Contact me on icq : 119624787 or msn [email protected]
  7. D

    Half-Life Monsters

    I just remembered that in CS you can add these half life monsters that come and attack you they have lower health than normal and they dissapear after dying and there are different levels of them. I was thinking it would be cool if esf added something like this later on. Their own version though...
  8. R

    WIP - Vincent Valentine - (Model Help/Advice appreciated!)

    It's been a really long time sense I have actually done any modeling, or even posted for the most part, but I've been working on a model of Vincent Valentine from FFVII... anyway... As you know, if you don't and you want to know find a picture, but he has a cape kinda thing, thats around his...
  9. E

    I wonder how can i add monsters in HL game...

    Yes it's true i saw it when i was playing DoD on one server. On overlord map naz was camping (like always:) )and some1 put an assasin inside their bunker:D :D . And i wonder if i could make this trick in ESF game.
  10. DiebytheSword

    Atomic Divisions' newest monster . . .

    Atomic Divisions stuff, do not use without my permission. ;/ Cut and paste if it doesn't work.
  11. Guru_San

    A Request for all Modelers!

    Hey guys, would ANYBODY be able to model a Samurai guy for me? i have but one pic of him. Its the red one from RPG Makers 2k. in the RTPe monsters file. I Will come back on l8er with pic G-S