1. D

    Requesting a coder and modler

    I didnt know where to post the thread so i think it will fit in here nicley, after considering it, ive finally come up with a GREAT mod for HL2, just i need a coder and a modler to help me ... Metroid MOD, based on the super metroid seris, hopefully with good enfusiam and hard workers this...
  2. K

    does anyone need a 3D modler???

    im kinda a new modler but i can do some pritty cool modles and stuff but i need a job to get me started so i can actualy try on somthing i can do some good guns and stuff but i need a harder project so if u need a modle for an object plz contact me!! :) kendan
  3. Z

    need help from felow modler

    hi im making a 3d model of the turtles :P for esf but i need help making the legs+arms the rest is pritty mutch done who whill help me ?
  4. Gogeta91

    new modeler,lookin for ussj trunks

    Hi im a new modeler and i love playin ESF. I want to know if nyone has a Ussj trunks model and/or tell me a great program to make them. :talk:
  5. N

    Milkshape help

    Just dled it, im followin a tut but i need sum direct help. If sumone could hit me up on aim TwoSly72 or msn T[email protected] i'd be eternally gr8ful. I'll delete this post after i get help :)
  6. D

    call me a noob modler

    here are my first models ( poly by poly O_o ) 1.) a sword :p credits : original skinner of the sword 2.) part of a body :
  7. DogLord

    quick question....

    ok i have a triangle count of a triangle the same as a poly?...and whats the limit for half life...i've heard 3000 and i've heard can i check.....i'm using milkshape and i know how to show the models statistics.......can some one just tell me how to check the poly count and...
  8. B

    Need Modlers

    I have Create a Download site and a Esf League! and i need every good modler and news poster and forum admins Somebody will?
  9. Z

    trunks movie 8

    steel need a modler for his arms + hands wat do you guys think ?
  10. Koren

    Beginning modler needs help

    hey can some one help me find some things that will help me model dbz characters?
  11. S

    more newb modler questions (one is a really dumb question)

    Well, I got the demo of Milkshape 3d, going to register it when it tells me to, and here's some questions: (WARNING! This is a dumb question) How do you save it as a .mdl file in Milkshape? (warning is over) Could you guys give me a brief description of skinning and what programs...