1. Vash_Locke

    NEw To Modelin ^_^

    hey people sup I read that thing on what programs u need but all the links dont lead to the right place i was wonderin if i could get someone to find me the link that will solve all my problems and if i can get this ima try and make a nice Bojack model or sumthin like that
  2. A

    modelin, where 2 start?

    hey can some1 please link me to a site w/ some good (not too complicated) modelling and or skinning tutorials? im usin lightwave 7 but cant really figure it out =/
  3. S

    need help modelin

    i am usein Mikeshake 2 model and i need some help if u are good at modelin Plz add me 2 your msn messanger my email is [email protected] PLZ add me :laff: Email is so funny my dad made it me :laff:
  4. Damaera


    How can I get Milkshape 3d for free? Sorry if this is talking warez or whatever
  5. Black Saiyan


    Vote ur answer
  6. Black Saiyan


    if i went and edits lets say cell by adding spikes or somthing(after decomplied) would i have to edit like the death roll ki blast ect??
  7. K


    im thinking of starting to make models !need sum suggestions, i ppreciate it
  8. S

    starting a good dbz model

    well i just thought that for the sake of the n00b modelers (like myself) there could be made a post were the best modelers tell were to start off a model or were to find good sites to start you modelin career
  9. M

    a question about modeling

    i've been learning how to model and i've got to the point were i need to compile but when i do it tells me something about illegal parent bone replacement in sequence "idle" "Bip01 L Foot" has "Bip01 L Leg1", reference has "Bip01 L Calf" illegal parent bone replacement in sequence...
  10. T

    DBAF trunks wip

    yea i still gotta tweak alot and add a head but what do you guys think so far.... it should be fully skinned and animated but next weds..
  11. E


    i ask perdy please somone teach me how to use milkshape 3d :)
  12. N

    Need help on modeling

    Ok, this is the deal: I got GMax and MilkShape 3D, and I think GMax is much easier, but can I use it to create models for ESF? If I can't, how do use MilkShape 3D? 'Cause I don't know how to work the **** thing! (I can use MilkShape 3D to model for ESF, can't I?) Please reply soon... I can...