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  1. S

    Suggestion about the Model/Skin Forum

    Hi On Model/Skin forum, be will good that divide on subforum, one for skiner and other for Models.
  2. wheres_

    1.3 Krillin model/skin

    I was just wonderng which version was going to be used in the release as the default, the more recent screenshots show the krillin with the "white eyes" but the esf models gallery has the shot of Ravenblades version, also I was wondering if both would maybe be available in 1.3 with new new model...
  3. SSJ Toast

    arm model/skin

    well i havnt done any modelling/skinning in about 3-4 months and all of a sudden i just had an urge to make something. so i did something simple and made an arm, i managed to model and uvmap and skin the damn thing in 1 day, (took like 3-4 hours total, most of the time skinning) modeled in 3ds...
  4. Shao

    Goku Yardrat Model/Skin

    Can any modelers/skinners make this outfit for Goku? It's a neat one!
  5. T

    Where I can find a Sephiroth model/skin????

    Hi everybody......I'm new here.... And I'm looking for a Sephiroth model/skin....... nobody knows where I can find it?????? with exception of that skin that Almighty_gir is doing... tks
  6. C

    Goku Model/Skin

    Omg!!!! teh goku by me (model/skin) wippeh! Its a sign of the apocolypse 1st real skin btw
  7. A

    Neds Vegeto Model/skin Is Released! OMG!
  8. T

    Im searching or people who can model/skin realy good

    hey im making with some other people a mod called Dragonball Full Strenght we hope to make this mod popular and need all good help. its based on quake 3 and need very good modelers/skinners i realy thank you if you have interessed plz respond here thx heres wat we need more:
  9. V

    Imperfect Cell - Form2 - COMPLETE

    Yup, he's done alright ;) Since his body is almost identical to Perfect Cell's, I should have Perfect Cell done rather soon. I'm just going to be remaking everything from the waist up for perfect cell. Otherwise, enjoy the eyecandy, and let me know if you spot something wrong in the model or...
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