1. The Taco Man

    Colaberate with other talented modders.

    Hey, i've heard that ESF is officially going to throw in the towell after 1.3, so i was thinking that they get someone else to continue the legacy. I dont know if you guys have heard of ECX, but they've recently released their RC1 and i gotta say, it is fantastic. In the time its taken the ESF...
  2. V

    A Great Idea! Modders take note!

    I think this is a great idea for the modders of earth's special forces to personally read. The mod for half life is great the way u made it but u have to admit the game engine can only give u so much power. what i mean is that the levels right now are large but they r pretty small compared to...
  3. Shinkawa

    Why does no one attempt any (decent)Android models?

    The androids are so cool, but why doens't a pro modeller make a Android (Cell doesn't count) ....
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