1. D

    mmm.... battle for middle earth II

    yes it's coming's looks truly dling one of the 70mb vids from ign of what it's really like... who else is with the hype on this one?
  2. A

    mmm mythical creatures

    if you could be any mythical creature...anything from a vampire to a worlock...what would you be and why?
  3. DragonDude

    Mmm, Finger Food And I just ate at Wendy's... x_x
  4. §lipKnot

    mmm i need help with milk shape

    how do i add all the animations in at a single time or do i have to just add them all in 1 by 1
  5. T

    Mmm... my Signature and Avatar

    Critz? I need them well ;)
  6. H


    I was wondering is it possable to teleport when ur doing a spirit bomb?;/ cuse i played with a grupe of "pros" and there was moving wile doing a spirit bomb and some where spectaters and they could play;/ i think i just found out that there r no good players thies days:(
  7. Vladdie

    can someone make me a bebi vegeta pls?

    look at the subject
  8. S

    Ma ki attack sprite

    yo guyz i made this sprite ya see a ki attack Click da button i would like to here ya opinion...
  9. S

    Mmm! Chocolate!

    I just gotta say that, that Chocolate model looks good. i really like it. Yes really basic but I'm glad your adding it to the game :) If you haven't seen it already its in PcJoes Dev J. Good job Tark, Good job Joe :)
  10. E


    is there any way to import models into a program like 3D studio max or bryce or such thanks
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