1. Kaination

    Rap mixed with Rock songs?

    I've always loved songs like this. They're like, rock, generally metal sounding / regular rock with rapping lyrics (none of that lil'john ****, just regular quick rapping.) Anyone know any bands like this? I'll try to edit this post with some examples, but I want to broaden my horizon with...
  2. M

    Mixed Martial Artist vs. Traditional Martial Artist

    I thought this would be an interesting debate. I apologize for all of these versus threads, but I like reading what people have to say on certain matters. You have two Martial Artists, one a Mixed Martial Artist, and the other is a tradition Martial Artist. What's Mixed Martial Arts...
  3. S

    mixed attacks bug

    ok, this is exactly how i did it, i got in a power stuggle while i was goku, against buu, while in it, push c, or whatever u have set to change to a different character, and i changed to gohan in the middle of the struggle, and i didn't die, and i kept firing the beam, i won, and i had taken...
  4. S


    i was testing out bryce.. mixed it up in photoshop, done that. im pretty satisfied with result, gives it a lil alien look. my site is down, so i cant pôst it on it, so why not come to say hello and post some work. -SPiN out.
  5. M

    SSJ3Goku by bryggz

    Hey could someone send me Bryggz SSJ3Goku model or give me a site a download it. I went through these 13 pages and found only 1 site and the zip or something was damaged and the one on redsaiyan is not bryggz it used to be, but it got mixed up with Dakd somehow, but I personally think bryggz is...
  6. M

    conversions to models

    i was thinking and thought up this. i thought it would be cool to post drawings that have conversions like me. I made a ussj2 gohan with a little brolly mixed up in it. ill post it up as soon as i get a new scanner. In the meantime, post the drawings you did with conversions done to them.
  7. Pommy

    Odd art

    i was board so I made some weird shapes and then added a bg and mixed it with some text and here it is. took me a little bit but here it is. <img src=http://www.oasii.com/pommy/bg/weird_art.jpg> feedback :D?
  8. VivaLaPineapple

    newest wallpaper

    went for somethin a little different. crits/comments r welcome
  9. Epedemic_Optikz

    Tien model

    Does anyone Have A Tien Model.I Am Doing An Expirement :devgrin: :]
  10. X

    Why is Trunks attacks all mixed up? Confusion?

    I remember there was a arguement about this when someone made a topic similar but the other dude was right. And this is just a reminder cause I just finished watching Trunks Arrival again on my comp since I was bored. But the Burning Attack is a Ball and Finishing Buster is a BEAM. I'd...
  11. Wuying Ren

    Vegeta with jacked

    I finished my absolutly first model. Its my first so I only mixed two original models. (its just a model edit not a new model)
  12. Optional

    Optional art topic

    i got bored and i screwed around with photoshop and i made an ava...i think... what ya think? i may make an matchin sig