1. D

    2 things

    Hi u people i designt 2 things here they are : first a wall paper : Wallpaper and another one. if u dont know what they are.. these 2 things are Eyes. Link
  2. HellBringer.

    Majin Vegeta Reskin!

    copy n paste what u think? www.geocities.com/donovan_yuy/esfmodel.html?1038585123511 *EDIT* ok go here http://www.geocities.com/donovan_yuy/Home.html
  3. D

    how to make non mirrored skins

    looking at all the battel damege skins that have been made there all mirrored and it bugs me, when there is a very simple and quick answer so i have made a little tutorial, its kinda lame and youll have a hard time if you dont have a clue about milkshape. so here's the link, and sorry...
  4. Raven Blade

    Battle Damaged Vegeta

    Sorry I couldnt help myself....There is always 1 :D
  5. ZuL

    My first human body model...

    I made it for fun, and i didnt think it would get this good, but here it is! one thing that makes it bad, is that i didnt use any mirror style when creating it. Its 50% made by hand, the rest is tesselated :D gotta love tesselating. One thing that bothers me, is that MAX says its 803 polygons...
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