1. S


    You've tampered with these forums for too long and I've come to remove you... permanently.
  2. Deverz

    Miroku, Teh fight Kthx

    Choo fight me now mkay I wanna bring our scores up level again. Btw my reply may be slow as my net access is uncertian
  3. S


    I challenge you to a fight.
  4. Deverz

    Miroku Bring it

    Let's see who truly is the best out of us. I challenge you too FIGHT CLUB. Who ya gonna call? I would also like to request Optimus as the Ref :o
  5. Enix

    miroku sig, if your wondering..NO BLUE!!

    as you might know im trying out new anime sigs. i havent done a dbz one in a while. so i dicided why not a sig from Inuyasha. so here it is: <p> <p><h2>CRITZ PLEASE
  6. Deverz

    I challenge Miroku

    Miroku I challenge you to a fight
  7. D

    Miroku Pics?

    Does anyone know of any good quality Miroku pics I can use for a sig? (Miroku from Inuyasha)
  8. E


    oright listen i dont give a crap wat i think cause ur an admin or a maker i dont care really u all think ur top **** when ur just low lives so piss off u *** *** admin
  9. ssj999vegeta

    what is a wrl

    i know .wrl store grpahics but what exactly is it? is it code or is it like a vector graphic what? and dont post htat old sticky about editing wrl's or ill break ur face
  10. Deman

    How do you like your Miroku?

    Like Cucumba said, Squids prose status quota or something like that... anyways, I 've decided to jump on the bandwagon. I am curious to what you all think of me. (Oh, and in case nobody knows me, try and remember ChannelForThePa, that was my previous name in the past.)
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