1. Julian10

    ESF Final Minimum Specs?

    Hello. As the years pass I see the game is more and more advanced in graphics and I was wondering :-/, what will be the minimum and required specs? If only for the best PCs, why not make an option to make the game less laggy and things? :yes:
  2. D

    Minimum charge on attacks vs PL

    Now, I don't usually go about making suggestions to mods, but lately I've been thinking of a few things that I've seen in ESF. Please note that I hardly follow the anime/manga, but I really like the gameplay that you guys have presented so far. Not too long ago, I saw someone discussing the...
  3. Lone Wolf

    Renders in Bryce

    Ive been trying some renders... and it takes me 5-10 min to get 3% of the rendering done.... If I dont render it, and save it... would it come out jaggy? or the same? Ive tried.... and it kinda looks a little jaggy... when I rendered half of it and canceled because it was taking to long.... But...
  4. E

    present your maps...

    first, @ moderators: Are we allowed to present maps, we mapped for other mods in this mapping forum? so we can see what others are able to. if not, then you can close this thread! if, then I invite all you other mappers in these forums to present maps youve mapped since you started. No...
  5. Cold Steel

    minimum requirements

    Call me stupid or lazy for asking this but what are the minimum sytem requirements 1.processor-? card-? 3.ram memory-? (if someone aswers this, tnk u very much)
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