1. Keiha

    Question about Raiden from MGS

    Okay, I've only played Metal Gear Solid 2, so forgive me if I say something stupid and otherwise sound like an idiot. But, correct me if I'm wrong...Raiden was the rookie guy that worked alongside of you? About 90 percent through the game you get someones swords with him right? In MGS4...
  2. Grega

    MGS Crisis

    A bit old but cool :p part 1 part 2
  3. RavenTrunks

    MGS Cyborg/Sepheroth :o

    Yeah.. I'm still trying to make sigs.. and yeah, I'm still not so great at it... Crits n' comments please..
  4. Graive

    MGS Siggy

    I made this the otherday its from the game "Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes" (The remake of the original MGS for PSone) for those who dont know
  5. @lv/n

    A little sugestion for the MGS series...

    Hi! I think Konami should make a re-make of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 (NOT METAL GeAR SOLID AND METAL GEAR SOLID 2)... a good, well made remake would have a huge success don't you think?
  6. R

    Can any modeler help me?

    Hey, I've been playing The Specialists for a while. And I have looked, and looked but have found no amazing Raiden, or Snake models *mgs2 chars* for the game... I have some modeling skills.. but not enought to make them good. So if anyone would liek to help that'd be great
  7. TehMuffinMan

    >>>>the New Solidus<<<<

    ive been working hard on the trans model of my solidus pack, mainly because losing his tenticles does not seem... a trans, so i have him a little.. juce ^_^ in other words, i have him amazingly large swords, yay ^_^ anyways, ive also been working on the animations for it too so the swords do...
  8. TehMuffinMan

    SOLIDUS Model!

    well then.. i was bored and though of playing as solidus in esf, i dont really care what everyone thinks about this.. i really made this for myself, and have done it by myself... until now.. anyways... i have got the model patched up and the animations sorted... all it needs now it a skin, and...
  9. G

    requests for models to make

    alright people im getting a modeling system and i have no idea on what models to make so heres the deal u give me requests and ill see if i can make them cause they would be great cause i have ideas all make some new attacks and all and a speacil power up anyway how about this u tell me and...
  10. Denominator

    my first sig on request crits apreciated

    ok this guy is on another forum so you guys wouldnt know him. he asked me to make a lotr sig, simple really but yeah its my first sig on request so..
  11. S

    Ps2 Cover Contest Finalists

    Well, The three finalists for the Psx/Ps2 Cover Contest have just been chosen! All of your entries were great so don't get offended if you weren't chosen because each cover came real close! The three finalists for the Ps2 Cover Contest are: Hsu Neco Nazghul Please vote...
  12. S

    Omg Tell Me This Isnt The Coolest Sig Ever

    O_O Lewk below! ....### ....### ....### ....### ####### ..##### .....### .......#
  13. GhostfaceKillah

    new sig!!!

    wut do u guys think?
  14. C

    Quick MGS question

    If you could be anyone from MGS or MGS2, alive or ....not alive, who would you be? or to make this question sound less childish, who do you like?(apart from Snake, unless you hate everyone else...) (Spoiler Alert) I like both Vamp and Revolver Ocelot. (of course, Snake is a given, but still)...