1. R@!D3R

    Metro-Tek's Sig

    Wow... This one took like 2 hours. I hope you all love it :) Color is a little different but I liked it. Well?
  2. T

    Metro-tek sig contest

    hey guys i need a sig and im so busy lately i dont feel like making one... so im having a contest .... who ever can make the best sig i will use on this forum and many more..... i will give u credit under my sig.... well have fun and do some good stuff i cant wait to see what u guys can come...
  3. Demi-Shadow

    Aura pack - Help needed

    Ok.. as a few of you may know, i've been working on an aura pack for the current version with some improvements. I have tried a few different techniques but I still can't figure out how to add to the current aura. Here's a list of ideas I would like to add, if anyone knows how please post...
  4. T

    **Metro-Tek Goes BYE BYE**

    **make sticky** I just wanted to tell all the fans and everyone that I will be gone for about a month on some personal family business. I'm not sure when I'll be back but sometime around Christmas. If I find a computer I will stop by once in a while. So most likely all private messages wont...
  5. Cold Steel

    about the freeza form 2 model

    Yo metrotek your model looks great (here comes the but),but his head is to thick and the horns should go a little more to the sides before they go up.and those shoulder plates should be a little bit more on top of his shoulders instead of on the sides owk???For the rest i tink the model...
  6. imkongkong

    metro-tek new frieza

    the frieza i must say looks very good.. i like how it looks like him but one thing that i think needs improvement not only the skin, but i think he should be buffer.. he looks a lil skinny.. heres a pic of him but it looks...
  7. S

    Metro-Tek Bebi Vegeta

    Dude your post got deleted... Where is it,, did you finished the model?