1. VivaLaPineapple

    soon to be the ultimate animation these are my character concepts. its going to be counter strike animation but with alot more action then most cs movies. i made myself a character which is the one on the right. well what u guys think? its all drawin in flash 5
  2. S

    at last i got another lazy friend to scan my drawing....

    here u go. no ref pic. only my mind ok, there.... what do u think? btw....its out of propotions cause i wanted to make it so...not cause its a mistake
  3. E

    Normal Goku

    Can Someone make or post a link to an old post, to a normal model good reskin please??
  4. N


    What is the most common used art program that you guys use? I don't mean to be so intrusive but, PSP7.0 (Paint Shop Pro 7.00) is making it hard to work with the sigs I'd like to make. So please let me know what are some of the programs that let you do some of those meshes and lighting...
  5. W

    black&white drawings (big)

    It's been a while since i posted anything so here goes This drawing is actually on A3 format (it was alot of work scanning it :p ) i reduced the size by 75 %.. (sorry 640X480 users) This is my first drawing using charcoal... it is a bit out of proportions but it was a test to see how...
  6. I

    plz comment my new sig

    hey guys! i just finished my new sig in 3dsmax 4. plz tell me what you think about it.
  7. Ryoko

    Ryoko with energy sword

    Well, my latest drawing is complete (nearly) If I add to it, i'll just edit this picture. Comments and crit please!
  8. S

    Model help

    How do you put models in the game like the one you can download.
  9. S

    Robotic Assassin Skin

    well, saw this model on polycount, had to skin it... here it is... i really dont like it so im redoing it...