1. Trules

    Goku mdls esf 1.2.3 +ecx rc2 +cool tubo aura made by solent

    HI guys i'm new to this community and i want to share with you my goku models from normal form to ssj 3 for me it looks good an it has some awesome animations the model its just retextured by me not created ( dont know the autor but i thank him) here is the photo : and these are the models for...
  2. NinJa HunteR

    Question About 3dsmax.....

    The question is... Can i model for ESF with 3dsmax 4.2 ? Thx in advance
  3. I

    How do i open mdls in gmax?!

    This is entirly annoying. This gmax this looks good, reminds me of fightermaker2. But how in gods name do you work it?!?! The turorial doesn't work, the links for help are crap, All i want to know is how do you import mdl files into gmax and i'll be satisfied and delete this thread if you want...
  4. S

    please someone help

    i need help with milkshape3d how i open esf mdls? please help me.. when i open hl mdls (esf) anyways i open ssjvegeta and nothing showes on the 4 screens