1. Keiha

    Editing Ken Masters (Just messing around)

    Hey, just messing around with the Ken HD pic. Might put it into a sig. I'm not too content with the hadoken. Still working on it. Added some sparkling wiggles and a hadoken. I was going to go with a beam type thing, a la Marvel vs Capcom, but I decided to try and do a classic...
  2. Slofreak

    ESF masters !?

    how about making some official Masters that can learn u thing or 2 lets say take 3 or 4 pros and make them offical masters so they can learn new ppl skills and they have their own server like : Master Roshi server, Master Kai server or Grand Kai server. Each server learns u different skill...
  3. sub

    Ragdoll Masters

    You guys need to check this game out, its fun as hell. The game is called Ragdoll Masters (No, it isn't the same as Ragdoll Kongfu). You basically control the direction a ragdol moves in a low gravity envirornment kicking the crap out of anyone who gets in your...
  4. Optimus Prime

    PGA Masters

    Well, don't know if there are a lot of golf fans here, I know I enjoy watching/playing. No it's not boring, you either have never tried or just suck. :p Well back on topic, Mike Weir won his first masters this weekend. On top of that, he is the first Canadian as well as first left hander to...
  5. M

    For The Masters Of This Whole Forum

    sorry for the caps... i just have created 85 100x75 dpi avaters of dbz and i would like to give those ava`s to the forum masters so that they can place it in te ava`s for the people that want to register.. i cant place all the ava`s here so u just have to trust me :)
  6. Chimpbot

    Masters Of The Universe!!!!

    Okay.. This is going out to everybody old enough to remember.. On Friday, August 16, Cartoon Network is airing a movie. A very special movie. A movie about a man......named He-Man :D The new MotU remake is gonna be played on CN at 4pm this Friday. The animation looks great...the plot...