1. john_volkov

    The Mask vs The Hulk

    The Mask Powers:Magical Poweres The Hulk powers:Super strenght.
  2. M

    Gas Mask

  3. Eon

    Mirror Mask

    So a night of substance abuse led me to watching this movie. Oh my god..who else has seen it?
  4. T

    Little help - Voodoo mask to face

    ARg. I'm attempting to model a face using the idea of facing verticies with a reference. I'm doing this for my friend, as she wants a model in game for when we lan and I'm honestly trying to get a female face...but as you can see, it's just not working...
  5. Brim

    !OMG! Teh M.A.S.K.

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to love this show, and no one ever knew what I was talking about. Now I have evidence of its existence...anyone who ever loved this show as I did (A child of the 80's) post your love of...
  6. Death The Jedi


    I'm not done with it yet, but any critz?
  7. Demi-Shadow

    Link Model!!

    Ok, it's more of a pack.. but still. I'm making a Link pack to replace Trunks for v1.1, The pack will consist of: A child Link model/skin An adult Link model/skin for the transformation New sounds A shield for the block animation (un-confirmed) New sprites (like bombs and boomerang)...
  8. Rebirah

    Mask paper....

    Well... in art we are making masks and we have to write a one page thing on it. But i don have an ideas.. So I was wondering if yall could give me some.By the way the mask is all red, has a black outline around both of his eyes and has the Chinese symbol for fire on this forehead. EDIT: If...
  9. Packed Lunch

    mighty mask request!~

    the one wit goten and trunks and so on.. :D$!$!%
  10. Mewtwo

    Milkshape, shiney faces

    how do I make faces shiney eg, the SAS models mask (for thoes who have played CS)
  11. N

    Art work indeed!

    I named this character Jin Kyto,AKA Night-Fox I have been practicing my clothing and hair sketches since last night and I'd like to know what you guys think! This picture isn't much but a sketch..But I thought I should ask for some crits about this to help me sketch better..Thanx all! ;/ :)
  12. S


    well, i made my own cinder skin, and i cant skin worth a ****, so here ya go... i tried to go for the evil look, and i used joe's boots and pants just till i finish my own... heres a pic of my n00b skin...