1. DaFeLa

    help with maping

    i wanna make a city map for esf i got realy good skills in mapping i did some maps for zeq2 lite but now i want to create one for esf^^ but i need first to know what i realy need wich programms? how to get the map then ingame i know its not a help reveleated from the game but i...
  2. -=SSJ 4 Goku=-

    Maping Q

    Is there a way to add music to a map whrn you reach a sertain part off the map let say like a trigger or somthing
  3. Grega


    If anybody knows how to make the wals of the maps look original pleese tell me how to put those pictures of the nature for the map wals
  4. S

    maping ideas?

    does any one have any good map ideas? cause i cant think of a map to make... if you have any good ideas plz post
  5. M

    maping question

    how can you make water transparent, or atleast being able to see through it? also everytime i make a solid and make it a func_ladder, and give it a ladder texture, it doesnt appear when i play the game but its there, i can climb up, down, it. and how do you make a door move downwards, im...
  6. G

    uvw maping

    can someone tell me how to uv/uvw map the model or wat program to use? EDIT: if you don't know wat i mean here it is simple wat program/watever... i have to use to make the model skinable...