1. Jaredster

    Map Maker

    Hi, I am a map maker. I was wondering if i can make any maps for ESF.
  2. owa

    Layout help.

    Hey, I know there aren't tuts for Layout making and stuff cause I tried to find some. But anyways I need osme help. - I need a detailed explanation of how the slice tool works. Weither one of you post it or you give me a link. - Just some baisic info on how I should begin the layout...
  3. Emeka650


    I need help making a hair model of goku can someone help me or give me a tutorial.
  4. A

    Behold, My first good Sig.

    Ive got it here to show you guys, now i need a free sig host.
  5. Synth

    Model Request

    As you can see I am a big Tekken (Anime, Fighting Game) Fan and of course Hwoarang is my favorite character Front View Back View i would really appreciate it if someone (Metro, Vassago, etc) made me a Hwoarang model for Half-Life, that i could use in ESF. Not to take away from...
  6. VivaLaPineapple

    got bored (another esf splash)

    i was looking for somethin to do and i saw the esf splash topic so i said hey y dont i make one
  7. R


    Thought I'd give it a shot... probably isn't anything great... just ahd some time on my hands
  8. VivaLaPineapple

    rei wp madness!!

    sinc people r making these whap what u think
  9. OneWingedAngel

    Sig should Me use?

    I'm wondering which Sig should I use so i'll post a poll
  10. A

    Kaiyo Model yea thats the finished version of the DBZ style Kaiyo model, but yea I still got a lil' work to do, skin, UVW map weld a few vertices, but im juss about done the modelling part, tell me what you think...
  11. X


    Hi Im Making Two Wallpapers right now.. and a new sig so i just want to show it when im done its taking some time.... Hey im only using Paint Shop Pro but im not that good at it so i just want to show some of them until now i have made about 5 wallpapers to my friends but these are more simple...
  12. Chimpbot

    I want some opinions..

    I felt like making something.. And there it is.. Opinions and comments, please. Bash it, tear it apart, love it. Say what you want about it. :D
  13. E

    Im Back, New Model....

    Hey, im back from my holiday, parents bought 25acres of land in turkey so my holiday turned into a business thing where they were sorting everthing out :\ anyway since ppl are doing 3000 poly models, i decided ill do em too heres my tien, still wip, dont say anything about the hands...