1. Super Veggeto

    Humm...something annoying.. =<

    I formated my pc a few days ago, and i noticed an annoying thing that i didnt had before. When ever i search something in search engins like google or something, it's being saved in a list =/ Very annoying, and i have no idea how to Disable it....any ideas? =o p.s. hope it's the right...
  2. =Cheezy=

    BAH Read. <-----

    Argh, when i first tried to play it gave me the Dll differs stuff so i put in the patch. After that i tried to play, i was like 'Oh yeah! its gonna play!' but when the map finished downloading it said ..er...something like, "Sound Needed: Meleesc., Disconnecting." Can some one explain to me...
  3. A

    Hello everyone <--- NEW

    Hi guys, I just beat Half life 2 and was browsing the 3rd party games and came across this so... I downloaded it and the patch but when I try to run esf it goes to Steam-browse games. when I go to find servers and double click a esf server this thing asking if I want to join it pops up real...
  4. O

    !> > > Help Need File < < <!

    hey whats up all im just new to this game (not play'd yet) cause I badly need the cl_dlls and cliendt.dll files if somone would b so kind to sent them to me or just send me there esf folder it would help me alot my aol im name is : Randall3411 or you can email me at [email protected]
  5. Flying Dutchman

    simple half-life modding < help >

    Hi people, a few days ago I started playing Half Life again and it hit me, AFTER SIX YEARS ITS STILL A GREAT GAME. But I`ve played through the game a couple of times before and its starting to get boring < practically memorized the entire game >, I`d like to tweak some weapons to make it more...
  6. Flying Dutchman

    swooping down, < double tap fly down >

    Somebody tell me what im doing wrong, I can`t swoop down anymore, I mean with double tap crouch/fly down or whatever that`s called, I did it a few times right after I installed the game, but now its impossible and I don`t see any1 else doing it either. Has it been taken out or something ?
  7. Mr. Satans

    ~~> Contest <~~

    Hokay, I am in need of two sigs...well...they're actually banners but I wasn't sure where exactly to post this. Alright, I need two 340x56 pixel images for my servers. Server #1 --> Mr. Satan's ESF Playground Server #2 --> Mr. Satan's SC Playground (SC = Sven-Coop) I need something...
  8. S

    Host_init: couldnt load gfx/palette.lmp < Pls hlp!

    I reinstalled my half life and esf alpha 2.0 and now this error bugg me... I just installed Half-Life, the hl 1.10 update and then esf 2.0... Host_init: couldnt load gfx/palette.lmp anyone know a solution? 8[
  9. Skyrider

    NEW!! rock flying idea!! <--- must read!

    well, i post this cuz NO one ever posted this idea BEFORE!! but here is my idea! everyone saw the sayain saga before when vegetta fire's a galat gun! now,, well, Goku Charged His kamehameha, and you hear a charge sound, when Goku fire's the Kamehameha you saw ROCKS flying in the air! (...
  10. M

    <---- Porunga ---->

    Hello... When i play ESF with capture the dragonballs. i have collected all the 7 balls they wil glow.. but there is no DRAGON...?? how can i summer the dragon??? please help me out..
  11. NightShade

    <---- stop playing esf this version

    To all my friends and others going to say this. I going quit playing this version till better one comes out.. My reasons well here ya go. 1) i get ban everyday from new severs 2) I hate free for alls and i hate team. I like the small duels. 3) i was playing today and all 3 of his...
  12. K

    esf_orbit <--- know where?

    I heard some people talking about esf_orbit in a diffrent thread, someone mentioned the site to d/l it, but I went looking for that thread again I couldn't find it, does anyone know the site where i could get esf_orbit?:yes: thnx
  13. O

    God, i r need help =/ <--- read plz

    ok , 1st when i connect to some servers i c that i start with like 28 milion PL, Diffrent in servers, but i wanted to know, how i do that? i saw in fourms that ppl wrote that u can't do it! but i saw it.... sooo wtF?!?! o and srry for my English =/