1. B

    low-poly snowboarder

    A low-poly snowboard I'm working at 762 triangles 442 polygons 128x128 texture the board needs a texture - 武士道
  2. Enix

    GIR!!! [low-poly]

    Made gir from invader zim, the result of a few hours of bordum:
  3. Super Veggeto

    ;D oh god, Scorpion low-poly..

    I was so damn inspierd with all these low poly models and the fact that I never made a complete low poly model made it even more interesting =] I wanted to add this one to the competition on cgchat but it seems I wont cause 128x128 texture is a little too small for me XD I can hardly see...
  4. Enix

    Shadow [uber lowpoly]

    Made this for the mini contest over at cgchat: Took about 4 hours total, was really fun.
  5. PiXel


    im inspired by the lowpoly modeling on cgchat and polycount forums and i thought about modeling a lowpoly sora.. i dunno if i could cut even more polys.. but i gues its low enough lol XD <b>I' d like to see here some lowpoly work ;P so maybe you all model something lowpoly too? just...
  6. Super Veggeto

    can someone low-poly a model 4 me???

    i have 2-3 models i need to low poly and i dont know how... can some one help me with that??? contact me on msn... [email protected]