1. Mkilbride

    THQ - Games are too expensive - Lowering the price point to 40$

  2. Dokutayuu

    Stop Beam Spamming without lowering beam strength

    I'm not sure if this is already inplemented but what if when you were attacked while charging a beam, it would fail to fire instead of autofiring and killing everyone else? And maybe make people more vunerable whilst charging; your guard would be down while concentrating wouldn't it? Any...
  3. C

    Lowering Ping

    Is there any way I can lower my ping? I'm on a DSL connection (which get's about 200kbps-300kbps) and I was wondering if there was any special methods. Also, is there anyway I can tell if I'm about to enter a US server or not before actually entering them? Any server that's out of the US lags...
  4. Idolized

    Lowering your PWL

    Ok, I know what your thinking and thats WFT. So allow me to explain... (NOTE: I'm kinda new so if this has been said before, I apologize) Now, in the series they would lower there power level to not only not show up on scanners but to throw off there enemies. This could easily be used in...
  5. S

    Suggestion on Lowering Power Lvl

    well when you think about it, its not cool to not be able to hide your real power lvl. like trunks in the andriod saga, his pl was 5. if the esf team uses this idea, then id think there has to be a downside and a good side to all of this. Good Side: .Cannot be seen on Scouter .Keeps ppl...
  6. MinesSkylineR34


    yes i love this one :) rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the summer O_o
  7. Naz

    a new sig, anyone likes it?

    hiya I made a new sig, and I'm pretty proud of it, it's not perfected yet, but it's only the first version so... any c&c, complaints, additions, suggestions, are very welcome cyaz Nes