1. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Own Anime!!!!!!

    Hi guys/girls , im planing to make an own Anime with new characters , a hole story , etc. I just need some helpers (that can draw very well anime) and maybe some guys/girls helping with the storyline ! Nothing is done yet , cuz i dont want to start anything alone , i need something like a...
  2. Z

    Good Maps

    Does somebody have some good maps!!!!??? pleaz give me some new that i dont have i have a lot but try posting here!! i would answer if i have the map or if i dont and maybee somebody else could use them just come up with all post maps and things that u got!!
  3. I

    NEW MODEL ryuno check it!!!

    my latest model just finished it!!!!!! it is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!(i think it is) feed back plz
  4. Virtigo Seven

    Is the artwork important to ESF?

    How important is the artwork to ESF?
  5. S

    POlycoUnT PimPAs

    if you have ever skinned something in the polycount pimpas section then post it here... i will post mine later... **UpDaTe** here is a polycount pimpa model im working on now, kinda looks like jboskma's, he should post his.. here it is... about 30 min in progress...
  6. X

    tornado map

    i have a lightbulb:idea: someone should make a map where u fight i a tornado or something so there would be things using the train entity so if u go to the outer area of the tornado u could get bashed by a huge boulder, but i wanna know if there are any other moving entities that wont hurt or...
  7. F

    Is there Cells destroyed arena?

    Is there a map of cell fighting arena? i mean after it has been destoyed from Cell? Coz i wannw try doing my first map for esf, and i don´t want doing any maps that already exist.
  8. P

    judge and spin......

    where did u get those HIGH AS HELL quality pics for ur sigs?
  9. S

    To hard to tell...

    I have been starting my own server games and trying that teamplay mode. The models all look the same except when up close. It is impossible to discern the difference from across the map and lots of people shooting back and forth. Maybe somehting like there glow is White for Good and REd for...
  10. K

    hey spin sig read this

    can you make me a tight sig and host it anything veggeto or vegeta