1. J-Dude

    Attention Losers @ ESF: It may not be your fault!!!

    Alright, I've just been playing ESF, literally a few minutes ago, and I realized something that was like a revelation: It may not be your skill level, but your ping, that makes you suck at ESF. At first I was playing a map that unbeknownst to me, was in Australia. I got my ass handed to...
  2. Shuyin

    bots are bad losers

    I was playing against a mega bot with 2 normal bots on my team and i actually managed to kill it , then it decided to crash lol. Damn things take up all my processor memory =P
  3. Jonesdaniel

    Sore Losers...

    Well...i just played a good mate of mine. I haven't been on for a good while, but i still stayed rather good at this. Anyway, he'd joined this new clan, and thought he was real good. I ended up beating him at every duel and he started calling my tactic "noobiness" and said it was for Girls. I...
  4. A


    your all losers
  5. Darkness

    bad losers....

    ive been kicked from so many servers today for one reason and one reason alone... i was winning I go by the name of MonkeyLauncher and i go on servers and use a combo of melee and generic beams to kill but no matter what moves i use i always get called a lamer of some form when if u have...
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