1. Viper

    Vampire Raziel (LoK)

    After some time without modeling i decided to start again. For those who don't know this is Raziel (vampire form) from the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver game. Preview time :D : A nice renderer: The references (credits to Arnold Ayala and Daniel Cabuco):
  2. L


    Heya guys we are in need of LOK players (Legacy Of Kain) to sign our petition.. More then 1500 have signed so far, and we are getting near our goal.. The petition is made to convince, eidos to continue the series of LOK. This WILL make a difference!! Eaven if you dont play the games please feel...
  3. -Origin

    New LoK sig

  4. Majin_You

    LoK Defiance

    Well, Christmas has passed, and I was fortunate to get Legacy of Kain - Defiance as one of my gifts. I've beaten the game once and am going through it again with a fine-tooth comb, and I think the story, and, this is kind of good to hear for an LoK game, gameplay are astounding. The combo system...
  5. B

    My gun model

    Ok, don't be to harsh. This is my first model that I've ever gone this far with. I did it with a side reference of a Beretta 92FS (not elite). it was tough because the angle was kind of from the bottom. It doesn't have details like the safety, sights and even the hammer yet but I will...
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