1. Goten-son

    My new XP logon screen

    <img src="http://jonku.com/bsg/winpreview.gif"> Yea i got bored, so i matrixfied my laptop lol just thought i would post the new logon screen i made to see what you guys think also heres my wallpaper <img src="http://jonku.com/bsg/preview.gif"> please no copying my ideas and posting...
  2. Goten-son

    Change your windows XP logon screen!

    well since i got a lot of questions asking how to do it, if you use a program like resource hacker you can do it with ease, but with logon studio it makes it twice as easy ^_^ heres the link http://www.stardock.com/products/logonstudio/ no this progam is not for noob's (not meaning its...
  3. Goten-son

    My new windows XP logon screen!

    hey hey, yes the kingdom hearts 2 fanatic stuff still lives! lol heres my new windows XP logon screen i made ^_^ (please dont ask for it as i don't plan on handing it out) but here it is!!! :p <img src="http://bsg.dbmadness.com/winxppreview.jpg">