1. The Deco

    ESF closes when logging in to certain maps..

    When logging to certain maps, the game closes, simply, without an error, like nothing happen. Hows that? Note: That Recently I Downloaded 4 Custom Maps. (in addition to the ones you get in ecxrc2, no im not using ecxrc2 to play this maps)
  2. S

    Problem Logging online

    When I try to log in online,the game tells me that it can't authenticate with WON servers and it exits to windows.:( I can't connect and play with people because of this.Does anyone know the solution for this little mistery?
  3. SoulStriker


    i noticed in the old version that the game showed who killed who with what. Does ESF still have this feature? I am currently working on something, and it would need this feature. Did the ESF team totally remove it, or can it be enabled? plz help O_O