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    Heh u ubor bummes!(Hey you uber bums) em ehr t'e 'ill ya!(Im here to kill you) Eccept meh Chalange!(Accept my challenge) ;/ :S
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    Meh Pet lizzard!

    Carefull, he bites! and licks! and eats! Don't criticize my baby because he's pixelly. Not every lizard is perfect. You shouldn't be so discriminant, you pixelly lizard bigots! BTW this is ment to be a corny sig before you ask.
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    Underwater Lizard

    I made this underwater lizard + background scene for a challenge at . Took me three days for the lizard and two days for the background. Everything done in maya 4.5. P.S.: I made the model 7 months ago but never posted it here before.