1. G

    ???a litle question here???

    the game is a mod for wich game:half-life,half-life2 or half-life2 GMOD o_o
  2. john_volkov

    need a litle help and u helt us

    Hey can anybudy tell me how to vote this site for mod database ? on the esf site sais vote for un on mod database so where suld I vote i never seen a voting place and after i vote i what all of ESF players to Vote oki for this game to be the First
  3. john_volkov

    need A litle help whis someting

    Is it posibal to make a map like this normal map whit a few montains ,and the mountais to be cut of in half and the other half to be a spr. ant the spr to be distroiabal like the tree and the roks or someting like this ,this will not have a smal fps and if it posibal i will try to make it...
  4. Death The Jedi

    1st Grunge

    I made my first grunge thing.. it probably sucks, but let me know what you think.
  5. Z

    wariors of destiny

    hy im making a game and want some modlers animators for it info: the game is mostly going to be a rpg style game with quests and stuff its a dbz game but the chars look a litle difrent and going to have another name (so funamation cant suw us hehe) its goig to be a stand alone based on the...