1. Big Kyle

    LiteNET Match #9: Metalburn Vs. GaZeebo

    Here is the ninth match of the Tournament Metalburn Vs. GaZeebo Remember the rules posted here and here No name calling and may the best robot win.
  2. L

    LiteNET Match #10: Fatal CobraX Vs. EricW

    Good Luck Guys **READ NEW RULES AT BOTTOM** Rules and Info :
  3. L

    LiteNET Match #8: Ghostfacekillah Vs. Raiko

    Good Luck Both of you **READ NEW RULES AT BOTTOM** Rules and Info :
  4. L

    LiteNET Match #7: Gonadz Vs. Ryoko

    Good Luck Toboth of you **READ NEW RULES AT BOTTOM** Rules and Info :
  5. L

    LiteNET Match #6: <-kingvegeta-> Vs. Kurt

    You Guys know the rules **READ NEW RULES AT BOTTOM** good luck
  6. L

    LiteNET Match #5: Evil Trunks vs Davidskiwan

    Here is the Fifth match of the Tournament Evil Trunks vs Davidskiwan Remember the rules posted here and here May the Best women.. i Man mean Win :P __________________
  7. Big Kyle

    LiteNET Match #4: Unknown// Vs. TeKNiK.

    Here is the forth match of the Tournament Unknown// Vs. TeKNiK. Remember the rules posted here and here Pinching is allowed.
  8. Big Kyle

    LiteNET Match #3: Dask Vs. Snow|.

    Here is the third match of the Tournament Dask Vs. Snow| Remember the rules posted here and here No hair pulling and no hits below the belt.
  9. Big Kyle

    LiteNET Match #2: SaKuMa Vs. Ness.

    Here is the second match of the tournament SaKuMa Vs. Ness. Remember the rules posted here Go.
  10. Big Kyle

    LiteNET Match #1: VivaLaPineapple Vs. IsrAlien.

    Here is the first match of the Tournament VivaLaPineapple Vs. IsrAlien. Remember the rules posted here and here Lets make this a nice messy fight.
  11. L

    LiteNET Signature Tournament Brackets

    Alright, I siad i would start this on september 13 and i have to change some plans due to a week of tests. anyway i'm posting the brackets for the tourny. If you need a refresher for the rules please visit The Tournament will Offically...
  12. L

    LIteNET Signature Tournament

    Ok After some thought i deicded to make a sig Tourny. pretty basic rules 1) Must Be your own Work (Stocks Allowed, No Ripping Backgrounds) 2) Must be a New Signature. Nothing Old 3) Sigs Must Conform To The Forum AUP Rules and Sizes 4) If you used a Image From a Bg or what not. Credit...
  13. L

    LiteNET Radio

    Testing Some new Stuff on the comp so i wanna see how i well i can keep ths server going... Feel free to listen it... about 49 hours of **** so listen in and send Requests to [email protected] click sig to play
  14. L

    LiteNET Radio

    With the Help of Splat i finally got LiteNEt Radio up and Running you can listen to it from LiteNETRadio There is hours of music on it so enjoy the listening. However i do recommend it for a Mature Audience since it is alot of Rap and Techno. Enjoy Guys.