1. Aurum

    ZEQ2 Lite

    Has anyone heard of ZEQ2 Lite? It's not related to piracy, if you were wondering. It's a free PC game based in Dragon Ball Z. There are some mods which include more characters. Here's the link for the download: Official page: My...
  2. B

    Zeq2 lite has released their version!

    Zeq2lite's svn has been made public :D is the thread with all info in it and it gets constantly updated and announces what every change is.
  3. D

    Zeq 2 lite upcoming beta 2 teaser trailer + Congratz with ESF 1.3

    Hello. Some of you may know me from Zeq2 lite if anyone ever goes to our forums. And I have a little teaser trailer for upcoming beta 2. ( Just a teaser, the melee will be redone entirely, 64 different melee actions each character 32 primary, 32 alternatively, in the video it's still the...
  4. Flink_Power

    Character in ZEQ2 Lite

    Hi, How to transform a character? Exemple: Goku into SSJ. Thank's:p
  5. N


    This game is just awesome!!! sorry 2 say but I don't see how esf 1.3 could stand up against this game :] The combo, graphics, gameplay ...everything is way too good esp for the 1st beta... What do u think esf developers? Do u hav ne valid counter argument or u accept defeat? :P
  6. Damaera

    ZEQ II Lite

    Well, now that the cat's out of the bag, I thought I'd bring this up here as well. Anyone really hear about this yet? Some of the guys picked it up a few months ago and decided to finish it for Quake III. The mod isn't out yet, nor does it have a release date. Sorry. :( Please enjoy some...
  7. ZeroNightmare

    Nintendo DS Lite

    just wondering about your thoughts on the DS. i saw one at gamestop the other day and i thought those DS lites were pretty neat, but i couldnt really think of a good reason to buy one besides megaman ZX. i heard that nintendo was coming out with hard drives for the DS is that true? cus if...
  8. Suh Dude

    The Official Nintedo DS Lite Thread

    I gotten one like a month ago when it was released and I haven't seen a thread since. So I got the white one and it's hard to keep clean like a mofo. If you ever get one get a dark blue one. :shocked: Anyways, I got that Asphalt Urban GT game and a wireless connection for my birthday. No one...
  9. Suh Dude

    Nintendo DS Lite

    From watching this video, it seems the new Nintendo DS Lite will feature a TV turner including with a new menu interface. See it for yourself.
  10. T

    DOes having the lite version cause dll problems?

    I cant join any servers because my dll's are diff than the server. I have the lite version of 1.2.2..
  11. M

    ESF Beta 1.2.1 FULL and LITE mirror

    Hello all.. A few days ago i saw a nice update on esforces that there is a esf 1.2.1 installer now whitch is verry nice :) and i saw that the person who is making the installers switched to the nulsoft installer and i think it was a verry good move since the installation files are alot...
  12. K

    Difference between 1.2.1 Full & Lite

    Yup... What are the differents?? Can somebody tell me, or explain me. Yeah Lite is like 70 Mb smaller, or something in that way... O_o
  13. Lethal_Vegetto

    What is ESF Lite Instalation?

    I see this esf lite installation on esf world. I dont know if that means if it will owrk only with steam, or what? O_o
  14. L

    Full on Lite

    Am I able to install the full version ontop of the lite version?
  15. I

    Whats A Good Non - Corrupted Download Site For ESF 1.2 Lite

    is ozforces a good server? does it have esf 1.2 lite as in the real one not the corrupted ones
  16. Z

    piccolo % krillin

    are there any krillin or piccolo models out there?
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